Welcome to our second home, our first build, thanks for following our journey!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Display home visit

Today we took mum and dad out to breakfast and then up to Point Cook to see the display homes. We also took a tape measure and our plans and measured each room out to what the size will be for the Q2. Most rooms are only a tiny but smaller and won't really be noticable, the living is the main room that will be smaller and that won't be too bad as it's open anyway. It was great to show them through. I just can't wait until we have our own Lexington!!!

It's only 17 sleeps until tender! I'm excited and nervous! We have a budget that we really want to stick to so I am hoping it will happen. We are now leaning away from the extensions, it's going to be a huge house without them!

We went to the big spotlight sale the other night and picked out some ready made curtains for the theatre room - a deep red like in the cinemas. We also got some towels too, all at 20%. Another lay-by! Gotta love lay-by!

On Monday we will head up to Ballarat to pick up a clock I have been stalking for ages! The Freedom here has closed and I have been uuming and ahhing about this clock for a few weeks now. I finally called them today and they are holding one for me and it is $35 off - Love sales!! We will have to leave nice and early though to be back in time to watch the footy :)


  1. We went display home visiting on Sat too! Mainly to look at how they have furnished the walls in the house (ie one big print or 3 smaller ones etc) and to get ideas for what we might put on our walls. Secretly I miss display homes a lot ;-( hahaha.

  2. I also love to look through them and get ideas for things. I did have withdrawels over the Christmas holidays when they were all shut!! I'm trying to stop at the moment though so that I don't have a sudden urge to change plans so to speak :)