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Friday, April 16, 2010

Freedom Sale!

I don't have much to report at the moment! Our tender is on Tuesday so will have lot's of news then. We will finally know it we can afford everything lol!

So just to be able to post something I will share what we brought on our Freedom trip. They don't have one in Geelong anymore, but I have been eyeing off a clock there for ages. A few weekends ago I called the store in Ballarat to see if they had one in stock, which they did, and asked them to hold it for me, which they also did after informing me it was on sale yay!

We drove up there and got the clock, I LOVE it! So pleased. It's about a metre wide and will sit in the little niche we have in the main hall entrance above a nice hall table that I am yet to find! I love that you will be able to see the wall colour through it.

Also why we were there, we picked up some more of our lighting. We have three pendants for over the kitchen bench and a large one for over the dining table. They are all the same material which I am so pleased with as you will be able to see them together. I think they should be fine over the kitchen bench even though they are a material as it is only the sink on the island bench, not a stove or cook top so they shouldn't get too dirty - fingers crossed!!
My photos aren't great! The clock went straight back into the box and the pendants were hard to photo. Shopping really is the best therapy :)

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