Welcome to our second home, our first build, thanks for following our journey!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All moved

Last weekend we spend two HUGE days moving everything out. Friday night was packing, packing, packing and then on Saturday we moved the majority of our things into storage. Three trips with their trailer and some rearranging (the treadmill and BBQ were the hardest!) we were done. I'm glad we went for the larger sized unit.
Saturday night was spent organising what we would be taking out to the farm and cleaning the house from top to bottom for the new owners. I'm so glad I did that on the Saturday because I have been so tired ever since that the thought of having to go back and clean would have been really bad!!
Sunday morning we got up nice and early, packed our cars, waited for mum and dad to arrive and then moved ourselves and two dogs (the cat has already made her move out there) out to the farm. We are all settled in now with just a few little things to organise. I am still feeling it though! Was better than the gym!
The inspection on the house is today and then settlement is on Friday. I must admit I was very sad to leave, welled up a bit when we left. I loved living there and have nothing but fond memories. Now onto the next chapter of our lives.
My last visit to the block was Friday and I am waiting until this Friday to go again. The engineer told me that construction should be finished by the end of Feb so I have my fingers crossed. Once that is done we can get our soil tests and do our tender appointment so we will know what we are up for!
I am waiting to hear from our admin to see if we can have another (shorter) colours appointment to go over everything we missed and to find out a few prices on things that we were told we would find out before tender such as the theatre extension price as we are not having a stacker door so hopefully should be a little cheaper.
Fingers crossed for the block visit on Friday!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Just a short one to say that we went passed the block today and we have kerbs! Who knew it could be so exciting. The good news is that we asked to swap our driveway from the right to the left and they have done it so that's a relief. You never do know about those things, when they say they will do it - sometimes paperwork seems to get lost in transaction. So thank you very much engineers, my last request is that the construction be finished by the end of February so we can get our soil tests please...
It does look nice with the kerbs in though, looking like a real street rather than a HUGE mound of dirt. I will wait to Friday to go back and see if the road is in. Hopefully I will have some new block pics by the weekend.
Now I just have to get back to packing! Thinking about it counts right?!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Colours - Conclusion!

We are very pleased with the choices we have made and very lucky that we have renovated a house and have similar tastes. Also that Kris was so good at standing up for us and not letting the consultant talk us out of everything that we wanted. Everyone has different tastes and this is ours and how we want our home to look. Fingers crossed that it all comes together now!!

We have also added sound proofing insulation to the wall between the theatre and living and to the toilet walls as it backs onto the dining area.

We are going to paint the theatre room in a deep red - Dulux Henna Red. This is Kris' project and he is going to set it up like a traditional theatre. Don't faint but we are also painting the dressing room black. Yes, black. It will be a black and white themed room. The walls will be black and everything else will be white - mirror, ottomen, drawers, hanging things, etc. I know it's risky, but hey!

We were going to get their carpet as it would be easier to have it done before handover. They offer one from Fowles and they won't upgrade it! We really want something a little better in quality so will have to hunt around and find a price for that.

Oh and we added two pot drawers to the kitchen and a flywire door to the laundry. I think that is everything. I am thinking now that I wanted to change my bathroom/ensuite windows to translucent/obscure - what is the difference between the two?? She didn't ask and I forgot in the confusion. Wonder if I can just ask to add this?

Thanks for taking the time to look through all the colours!

Colours - Interior - Laundry

Our Laundry Colours are to match the kitchen as they are so close together. The wall tiles will be the same as the bathroom and ensuite.
Benchtop - Jerusalam Stone Laminate (right in photo)
Cabinets - Burnished Wood Laminate (left in photo)
Wall Tile - Mocha
Floor Tile - Augusta Emerald

Colours - Interior - Bathroom and Ensuite

Our bathroom and ensuite will be the same colours
Vanity Top - Walnut Ceaserstone
Cabinet Doors - Lustrous Elm
Wall Tiles (shower and bath) - Mocha
Floor Tiles - Augusta Emerald
The timber strip in the photo will be on the dressing room door which will have a glass panel
Sinks -

The towel ladder will be in the ensuite and the towel rail below it we have upgraded to a double and that will be in the bathroom, the second one down on the right will be our toilet paper roll holder (just in case you were dying to know what we were having!) -

The showerhead on the left will be in the ensuite (we almost fell over when we saw that was standard) and the one on the right will be in the bathroom) -

This mixer tap will be in both showers and the bath -

Mixer taps for ensuite and bathroom sinks -

Colours - Interior - Floors, Walls and Kitchen

Laminate Timber Floors - Select Teak

Walls - Beige Royal Half
Doors, skirtings, etc - Beige Royal Quarter

Kitchen -
We stayed with our original choices here too as we love them
Kitchen Benchtop - Urban Ceaserstone
Kitchen Cabinet Doors - Burnished Wood
Kitchen Overhead Cabinets - Polytech Ultra White Gloss
Kitchen Splashback - Ash Grey on Clear Glass

This will be our upright cooker and glass rangehood -

Kitchen mixer tap -

Colours - Exterior

Ok, before I post our colours, I just have to have a quick vent and say that our colour consultant was not the best!! I've had a larger rant on homeone (love everyone on there!) and feel much better. So now I am on to feeling positive about our choices :)

Exterior -
We stuck with our earlier choices for the outside which are:
Bricks - Brown Terrain
Mortar - Off White Raked
Roof Tiles - Magnum
Gutters and Facia - Monument
Down Pipes, Metre Box, Windows, Both Garage Roller Doors - Jasper
Render to Front Pillars - Ceylonese
Front Door Varnish - Charcoal
Here they all are together:
This will be our front door but will be in the charcoal varnish (the rectangle bit of wood in the pic above) and also the glass panels and side panels will be translucent-

This is the lock and handle we will have on this lovely front door -

Our exterior laundry door and also interior laundry, dressing room and study doors will be the Windsor with clear glass, they will all be stained charcoal other than the study doors which will be a gloss -

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Six sleeps until colours!!!

If you can't tell already, I am very excited about our colours appointment. I've spent hours going over everything, trawling through display homes. I have LOTS of notes and photos. We have a 30th on the Saturday night before though so I need to make sure I don't have too big a night :)
I also think it's nice and romantic that our colours appointment will be on Valentines Day Haha! Not sure what Kris thinks about that though...
Any hints or tips before the big day?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Garage Sale

We had a huge clean out yesterday at our garage sale. I still cannot believe how many people come to these things! You can tell the ones that do it for a living, they know what they want and aren't scared to bargain. We got rid of most of the big things which was great. Mum and dad brought in a lot of stuff too so was a very successful day!
Now, just need to decide what to spend my profits on...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The waiting game

Not much to report on but just wanted to post something!
We met with our bank manager today, she really is great. We have everything sorted out for our loan, we will have to pay a fee for breaking the fixed loan but they have waivered a few other things which is great.
On Saturday it will be two weeks until we put everything into storage and move out to Mum and Dads, so we are having a garage sale to try and reduce the amount of things that we have. Hopefully some people come. I'm not so worried about making any money but more about getting rid of furniture, etc. Anything left over will go to the Salvos. At least the garage sale has forced us to start sorting and packing which is good. It's hard to pack for storage instead of moving.
Our colours appointment is getting closer which is exciting, I think we will head up to Mernda and Cragieburn on Sunday to check out the displays for colour inspiration, does anyone have comments about these displays that has visited them before? We are going for a neutral/brown theme.
Ohh and one more thing, we went to the block last night and they have laid what looks to be the underneath of the road so hopefully the road won't be too far away. Once construction is finished we can get our soil tests and find out our site costs which will help with budgets. Can't wait till I can drive past the block instead of just looking from the car down the other end of the street!!