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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tender Complete

Sorry this is a little delayed - it's been a very busy week. Anyway - on with the tender update!

Our tender appointment was on the 20th. We left bright and early at 6.30 (actually is was still pretty dark!) We arrived at the head office just after 8.30 so we made good time. Our tender presenter was really good. He made the sitting in the office for three hours much easier. Plus he made some really good suggestions.

Our site costs came back quite good. We had to upgrade our slab to H-D which we thought we would anyway so that wasn't a huge surprise. We have a cut and fill, site drainage, a small retaining wall, agi drains, termite protection, mud on road prevention (!) and a couple of other boring things that are probably quite important!

Our upgrades are
*Soundscreen internal wall insulation between the toilet and dining (too much info) and also between the theatre and living.
*We have changed the windows at the front from one huge one to two smaller ones to match the ensuite.
*Upgrade theatre doors to a thicker door with a feature of four strips.
*Add double doors to the study.
*Upgrade study, internal laundry and dressing room doors to a stained wood with glass in the middle.
*Add a privacy lock to the main WC.
*Translucent glass to front door and sidelights.
*Obscure (Satinlite) glass to the ensuite W.C.
*A nice big long door handle for the front door.
*Painting the theatre room and dressing room different colours.
*Two pot drawers to the kitchen.
*Shiny gloss overhead cabinet doors in the kitchen.
*Square bath spout to match taps.
*Upgrade towel rail in the bathroom to a double instead of a single.
*Extend the laundry cupboard from two doors to three.
*Laminate timber flooring.
*Add an extra tap to the backyard.
*Electricals - Downlights and some TV points and Powerpoints etc.

It sounds like a lot but it actually came in at a great price. We were very pleased :)

The only bugger is that he suggested that we won't be in by the end of the year, which we were really hoping would happen. Look on the bright side - more time to save and mum and dad get to put up with us for a bit longer :)

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