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Friday, April 23, 2010

What to do....

Today we both got an email from our real estate showing us that the reason titles are taking so long, and the reason that they haven't released the next stage yet is because they are proposing to build a train station car park. This means that about four houses down from us onwards will now be a 1000 space car park for the station and our road will be the main entry to get to it. Disappointment :(

We now have some big decisions to make as we never would have brought this block if we had of known that was what they were going to do. On the plans they gave us, it shows the next three stages as being residential areas, not that we would end up living next door to a car park for the station. It also means that the lovely, quiet street we brought will now turn into a busy little highway esp in the mornings and arvos when people are traveling to Melb for work.

We have called our conveyancer who is looking into it all for us and said that he has also had calls from other people in this stage about the exact same thing. Until we have all our information, we can't really make a decision, but who knows what will happen now. Pretty saddening when we have just got out tender price back at such a great price. But this will be our second home and we plan to be there a while so we want to do it right.

So much to think about now!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the train station. I really would have thought the developers would have/should have shared that prior to you buying your block. Saddened maybe, but I would be really p..... off. I understand your feeelings about wanting to be there a long time so want to do it right. Have you spoken to your builder, will they still go ahead with the same pricing for the house (not including soil prep) if you decided to buy a different block instead? I wish you the best of luck with your decision. I know I wouldn't want to be put in your position. Maybe some good birthday vibes from last week can rub off on you and give you an inspirational idea. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Tam :) We haven't spoken to the builder as yet, because we are waiting to hear what our convayencer finds out. Unfortunatly until we hear back, we can't make any decisions. It's hard not knowing!
    Thanks for the support :)