Welcome to our second home, our first build, thanks for following our journey!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A bar for the alfresco

We went up to the home expo in Melbourne last Friday night and had a little look around. There wasn't much there for us as most things are included in the build but we did see a bar that we really liked. Over the weekend I thought more and more about it and decided that it would be perfect for us. Our dining area goes straight out to the alfresco and we thought that having another dining type table or something similar in the alfresco may look silly. The bar would be perfect, you can sit at it, stand at it, put it in the middle, put it against the wall. I thought to myself - keep an eye for something along those lines...

On Monday we were out picking up a fuel pump for Kris' car so while he was in Super Cheap, I thought, I'll have a look in the new furniture store next door. What do I see as soon as I walk in - the bar! I took a photo on my phone just as the owner was walking in. We started chatting and he had just returned from the Home expo, so it was the exact same one. What are the chances?! Well it was meant to be. He knocked off a couple of hundred bucks and let us have a 6-8 month lay by so we can pick it up once the house is done. Whoo hoo!!!
It has a glass top and six stools that slide neatly underneath. Sorry about the pics, they're from my phone. :)